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Here I Sit, Knowing All of This



Here I Sit, Knowing All of This
HUBRO 2016 / Digital / Vinyl

From Hubro:
"On their third album the guitar, bass and drum trio Monkey Plot are going electric again after having cultivated a purely acoustic sound for several years. Their music still evokes an impression of intimacy, although the band’s roots in rocking improvisational music now come more clearly to the fore.

Recognisable, but new. Challenging, but accessible.
The group’s acoustic music was designed for small rooms: living room music. On their new album they have moved down to the basement. Their music still suits small spaces, but the volume is turned up and the energy is different. But rather than presenting raucous, noisy rock-club improv, they have developed a kind of ambling, makeshift form of expression, which is their own unique sound. Recognisable and new. Challenging, but accessible.

The Swedish poet Pär Thörn has collaborated with the band at a number of concerts and on a cassette release. He reads his own poem on the track “Kalla Handen” on the album.

Here I Sit, Knowing All of This was recorded on analogue tape at Athletic Studio in Halden, was mixed by Jørgen Træen and mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus Lab."






Angående omstendigheter som ikke lar seg nedtegne

Released on HUBRO 2015 CD / LP / DIGITAL

The members of the acoustic trio Monkey Plot have been playing together for five years. With acoustic guitar, double bass and drums, they have carved out an expressive idiom which evokes other musical references, but which is at the same time unique.

Monkey Plot’s style is intimate and often unpretentious. It would seem more accurate to call it “music for small spaces” rather than the more formal-sounding “chamber music”. There is namely something straightforward and “grounded” about the band’s music. Although dramatic effect has been abandoned, their music has become neither boring nor lifeless. Monkey Plot is an improvisational band, in the sense that improvisation is the tool used by the trio’s members to make music. They describe it themselves as a simple method that gives a varied and organic result. The music is always pressing onwards. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to categorise their music as belonging within the improvisational genre.

Awarded "Young Jazz Musicians Of The Year" in 2014 at Molde Jazz Festival.







Monkey Plot Press 2



Monkey Plot & Pär Thorn - Osvensk Stämning
50x Tape/Download

consists of the total recording of a concert
that held was at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo the 22th of
October 2014. In this concert Pär Thörn reads the
first part of his poem built on material from Charles
Darwin ́s "On the Origin of Species" in the Swedish
translation by Roland Adlerberth.
consists of the second set of a concert that
was held at Rönnels Antikvariat, Stockholm the 25th
of October 2014.

Drums/Percussion - Jan Martin Gismervik
Electronics/Voice - Pär Thörn
Double Bass - Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard
Acoustic Guitar - Christian Winther

Mixed by Karl Klaseie
Cover design by Audun Gjerdi





Pär Thorn
Pär Thorn















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løv og lette vimpler

Dancing wood, ringing bronze and the sound of resin on horsehair. “Løv og lette vimpler” (meaning leaves and light streamers) is the title of the norwegian trio Monkey Plot’s debut album. It was recorded in the living room to free jazz pioneer Frode Gjerstad. With its simplicity, organic sound and structure, their music can be seen as a contrast to the consumer society. It breaks the barriers of genre definitions, but draws inspiration from different kinds of folk music, acoustic icons as Neil Young and Nick Drake, and the experimental noise, improvisation and jazz scene.

Released 10 May 2013

Jan Martin Gismervik: drums
Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard: bass
Christian Winther: guitar

Recorded May 2012 by Frode Gjerstad in his home, Stavanger.
Mixed by Frode Gjerstad. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Cover design by Rune Nergaard.
All music by Monkey Plot.

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